Come learn  the basics of water rescue for dogs. These workshops will cover the requirements for the Water Rescue and Water Rescue Dog Excellent Titles *.  Your dog will practice water retrieves, towing, swimming with handler, and more.  Come out and have a day of fun learning new skills with your dog.

Date: Sept. 13, 2015
Location: K9 Fun Pool – 27442 16th Ave., Langley (Aldergrove), BC
Time:  10am – 12pm  Beginner  | 1:00pm to 3:00pm  Beginner to Intermediate | 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm Intermediate to advanced
Instructor: Bonnie Fergusson – read Bonnie’s bio here

$25.00 audit spot, per session

$50.00 per working spot,  per session Please Note: dogs can work in all three sessions ($150.00) or you can choose a working spot from the session most suited to your dog’s current obedience level and then audit the other sessions for free.

Lunch: Bring your own lunch,  We will supply snacks & coffee or juice.   Bottled water, pop, & chips will be available for sale. If you have a water bottle a filling station is available for free.

Workshop Topics:

Beginner:  Water Rescue Junior Exercises

Beginner to Intermediate: Water Rescue Excellent Senior Exercises Part 1

Intermediate to Advanced: Water Rescue Excellent Senior Exercises Part 2

*While water rescue has typically been limited to Newfoundlands and they are the only breed currently able to test through the Newfoundland dog club (athough this may be opening up to other breeds in the not too distant future when these become CKC recognized titles) we thought that this would be a cool sport to work in for any medium to large breed of dogs – even small dogs are welcome.