Bonnie Fergussen and her Newfie in Water Rescue competition“I have owned and loved Newfoundland dogs since 1970.  First dogs were primarily well loved pets. Unfortunately some  were not sound and had short life spans.

Met Judi and Ellis Adler of Sweetbay Kennels in 1986 and fell in love with her dogs and breeding program goals.  I have worked all my Sweetbay dogs in Water Rescue, Draft, and Obedience both in the US and Canada.  All except my present dog had CKC Championships. I have also obtained tracking titles and freestyle titles on individual dogs.  My dogs have been involved in visiting care homes and schools, many demonstrations to the public of various activities at special events both in the US and Canada, and library visits. My passion lies in the training itself and developing communication between dog and handler so we work smoothly as a team.

Judi and Ellis Adler have been a wealth of knowledge in all areas of the Newfoundland breed and I am blessed to have them as personal friends and mentors.”

Bonnie Fergussen

Bonnie is qualified to judge of water rescue tests (both levels) both in Canada and the United States. She is also qualified to judge all levels of Drafting tests here in Canada.