People ask all the time if we do dock diving or if they can bring their dog who hates water to learn how to swim. The answer is emphatically yes.  Watch the video to see some of the activities we get up to in the pool!

Dock Diving:

K9funpool has a regulation sized dock diving dock. Bonnie can help your dog get a solid start in this sport and help more advanced dogs work on their technique and distance.  Many dogs go from swimming from the ramp to starting to jump off the dock in their first lesson, while some dogs take a little longer to be comfortable.

Swimming Lessons:

Not all dogs love water from the get go.  Introducing dogs to the pool is Bonnie’s specialty and she has helped many, many dogs overcome their fear of water.  Once the dogs feel safe in the water they quickly come to love jumping in and chasing toys. The k9funpool is a great place to teach your puppy or young dog to swim. The water is heated and you can go in with your pup.

Recover from Injuries

We are not certified canine hydrotherapists and if your dog is a recent surgery patient then we do recommend a pool that specializes in hydrotherapy. However, if your dog is far enough along in recovery that you just want some easy on the joints, exercise for your dog then we are happy to oblige. Swimming is great exercise as it allows the dog to get significant exercise and movement without putting any weight on an injured limb.  Dogs must be fairly mobile as there is a flight of stairs up to the pool deck.