Shadow jumps off the dock at the K9 Fun Pool in Aldergrove

Pool Closed till late Spring 2020

Pool Location

27442 A 16th Ave.,
Aldergrove, BC

Pool Dimensions:

Our pool is 30 feet long x 18ft wide and is 4.5 ft deep. It has a floating ramp to make it easy for dogs to get in and out of the pool. The pool also features a deck for those who want to teach their dogs dock diving.

Is the Pool Heated?

yes  – the pool is heated. We can turn it up if required for medical reasons.

Is the Pool Wheel Chair Accessible?

Sorry, The raised deck of the pool is reached by means of stairs and is not wheelchair accessible.

Pool Fee Structure:

We offer three types of tickets:

  1. Starter Swim:  If your dog hasn’t swum at a dock diving pool before then this is the right ticket for his or her first time or two. The price includes one on one time with the attendant to help your dog get used to the water and swimming. Once the attendant feels your dog is comfortable with the water, the dock and is solid on returning to the ramp to get out you will be able to single dog swims at a reduced rate. Price $40.00
  2. Single Dog Swim AKA Self Swim:  If your dog has been a couple of times and has been approved by the attendant to swim or dock dive with out the attendant in the pool, then you get a reduced price. Up to 3 other dogs can be booked to share this hour. Dogs will take turns and only 1 dog can be in the pool at the same time unless the attendant approves. Price $25.00
  3. Exclusive One Hour Pool Session: You can book an exclusive hour and bring up to 4 people and their dogs. Please note: only 1 dog is allowed in the pool at a time unless the attendant approves otherwise. Price $100.00

Payment Options:

We accept Paypal online – you don’t have to have a paypal account you can use Visa or Mastercard once you reach the Paypal Site.


Please be sure when booking that the time works for you because there are no refunds.


All participants must download and sign our waiver before using the pool.

 Pool Rules:

  • Keep your dog in your car until you have completed, signed and submitted your pool liability waiver. There is a box on the fence.
  • Pull your car through the gate into the pool area and make sure that the gate is closed behind you before letting your dog out. We ask that you keep your dog on lease until we tell you it is ok for the leash to come off.
  • Listen to the attendant at all times – she is there to keep things safe for everyone!
  • On your first visit the attendant will work with you to train your dog to understand that he or she will come back to the ramp to get out of the pool. We want the dogs to stay away from the edges of the pool to prevent them from ripping the pool liner (plus they can’t actually get out there).
  • Only 1 dog is allowed in the pool unless the attendant chooses to allow multiple dogs – she will base this decision on how well the dogs are behaving and interacting with each other and how well they understand coming back to the ramp to get out. This decision will be made with your dog and the other dogs safety in mind.
  • Dogs must be pottied before using the pool and please clean up after your dog.
  • Do not feed your dog for 3 hours before and 1 hour after using the pool. We ask this for several reasons – we want to prevent the dogs from either vomiting or pooping in the pool and also to prevent bloat.
  • Pool Attire No Bikinis! Your dogs nails will scratch you badly! Plan on wearing a one piece bathing suite and consider shorts and a t-shirt for more protection.
  • Please trim your dog’s nails before using the pool
  • No sunscreen unless it is biodegradable – it makes the pool too cloudy and we don’t want to have to add chemicals to break it down.

Please help us make this pool a fun & safe place to play.

Keep control of your dog at all times & be considerate of others.