Dock Diving Workshop

Aug. 1, 2015

Price: $30.00 – click here to go to our booking calendar

Chris McKay is a trained canine hydro-therapist (CCHT (UK), CAPPDT) and is a respected trainer with a background in, obedience,  flyball and Agility. She has competed at the Masters level in Agility and earned medals at the world championships in Flyball.

Chris is also well known in dock diving circles, having years of experience as an affiliate with both Dock Dogs and Xtreme Air. She has helped develop many competition dock dogs including: Maverick, the American Cattle Dog, who with owner Jody Strang won the X-treme Air Pro-division and Buddy, the Jack Russell, owned by Kathy More and won all their waves in the laptop division including longest jump for a beginner at over 15 ft.

It’s All in How You Throw

In each 2- hour workshop (multiple workshop sessions available), limited to only 8 dogs, Chris will demonstrate the proper throwing technique for maximum distance. She believes the secret to both safety and “big air” is all in how you throw the toy.

She will work with each dog handler pair individually to help develop proper form and distance. If your dog is already jumping we will guarantee the opportunity for 9 jumps (3 turns, 3 jumps each), If your dog is still working from the ramp we will guarantee 3, 5 minute sessions.  This is a great opportunity to tune your dog up prior to competition.