Pool Fee Structure:
We offer three types of tickets:

First time at this Pool? Starter Swim: If your dog hasn’t swam at this pool before then this is the right ticket for his or her first time or two. An attendant will explain the pool rules, show you around, and get your dog started. This is also the option to choose if you’d like a dock diving or other swimming lesson. Once the attendant feels your dog is comfortable with the water, the dock and is solid on returning to the ramp to get out you will be able to single dog swims at a reduced rate. Up to 3 other dogs can be booked during this hour. Price $40.00

Self Swim: If your dog has been a couple of times and has been approved by the attendant to swim or dock dive with out the attendant in the pool, then you get a reduced price. Self swims are $25/per dog – Up to 3 other dogs can be booked to share this hour. You can book your own multiple dogs to share the hour simply be rebooking the time slot with the second dogs name, Dogs will take turns and only 1 dog can be in the pool at the same time unless the attendant approves. Price $25.00/dog. Multiple dogs from the same home cannot share the hour without pre booking each dog seperately. Contact with questions prior to booking if this is unclear please!

Exclusive One Hour Pool Session: You can book an exclusive hour and bring up to 4 people and their dogs. Please note: only 1 dog is allowed in the pool at a time unless the attendant approves otherwise. Price $100.00.
Please note: Appointments may occasionally need to be rescheduled due to commitments to the film industry. We will do our best to keep to this calendar but sometimes set days are rescheduled. This will not affect self swims just starter swims.